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Bundle Deal: Powerful Platforms to Build Your Business

The worst part about getting my Facebook account hacked was losing my personal and professional connections with people from around the world and across the decades after a social media compromise by hackers resulted in my account ultimately being deleted.  I could have quietly let the hackers get away with stealing my account (and $300),

What the Hack? How You Can Turn a Social Media Compromise into a Teachable Moment

Subscribe to my channel for more teacherpreneur strategies and guidance! Are you considering learning how to start a business? Maybe you’ll needing a side gig to supplement your income or pay for classroom supplies. Maybe you’re considering transitioning out of the classroom and want something of your own to work towards. Or maybe you’re wanting

Teachers: How to Start Your Own Business

If my recent experience has taught me anything, it’s that good customer service is critical to the success of your business, whether you’re online or local. When I read Jeff Steen’s article “Seth Godin Reveals the 1 Truth About Customer Service Most Companies Just Don’t Understand” published in Inc., the necessity of that key ingredient hit

The #1 Secret to Good Customer Service

Summer is here and not only is it time to relax and unwind — but also time to think about what you really want for your future. If you’re looking for support and encouragement to chase your Be Your Own Boss Dreams, now is the time to get started, and I have that resources to

Be Your Own Boss with the 2022 Business Dream Chasers Bundle

Did you know that one of the most successful blog posts I wrote was just a list? That one article included a simple list of 40 short stories I thought would be good for teachers to introduce in their classes — and not only has it brought almost 2 million visitors to my site since

How to Write List Post Content for Website Traffic (with Examples)

Are you struggling to grow your email marketing list? Check out the video I created with the five best list building tips that I’ve used in my online publishing business to drive traffic to my opt-in offers and give people the incentive to join my list.   I used these strategies to grow my list

5 Best List Building Tips for Teacher Entrepreneurs

Finding a balance between what your customer wants and what you want to do can be like walking a very shaky tightrope sometimes. You know you should find out more about your customer, about where they are in the consumer buying process and therefore what products or services they actually want — but you really

Where Is Your Market in the Consumer Buying Process?

Have you ever had the opportunity to share what you know and someone else connected with what you were saying and it was a magical moment — and it all happened on camera? I joined a Zoom conference with the intention of sharing my story about how I wrote just one SEO blog post that

Blog Week 2022: How to Build Your Business with SEO Blog Posts

One of the perfect ways for an introvert to be brave and adventurous is to try new restaurants. Take your favorite extrovert, discover a food you’ve never tried before, and enjoy learning something new. Over the years, my husband and I have tried everything from the commonly accepted Chinese cuisine to the rare Hungarian. I’ve

Thai Food Restaurant Hidden in Moore, Oklahoma