Nice! Time to transition from worker to CEO!

You started the right business for you and you've grown it to the point where you have systems and automations in place. But now you need to ensure that it will all run smoothly -- even if you decided to take that vacation for a week or several. 

Now's the time to start focusing on building your team, optimizing your systems and automations, and expanding your streams of income.

Build your online publishing company

I chose these articles to help you scale your business...

Tools to scale your business

Email Marketing Software

Setup your email list with ConvertKit

The best way to build relationships with potential customers and maintain them with existing customers is to stay in touch through email. I recommend you start building your list right from the beginning so you don't miss out connecting with your early adopters.

ConvertKit is the tool I use and recommend whether you're just starting out or scaling an established company. If you're just starting out, they offer a free version and the pricing scales reasonably as you grow. 

Thrive Themes Suite

Extend your WordPress capabilities with Thrive Themes Suite

Automations will save your sanity and make it possible for your website to work for you, instead of you working for it.

Not only will Thrive Themes Suite make your website so much easier to update and design with it's templates and drag-and-drop page builder, but you can also create online courses, capture leads and send them to your sales pages, and create compelling quizzes that will draw your potential customers into your sales funnel. (Even better, if you host your website with reThink Your Hosting, I'll install your Thrive Themes Suite for you.)

Outsourcing Success Plan

Buy back your time with outsourcing

You've probably heard outsourcing horror stories, and I don't blame you if you're leery of losing time and money. But you're stuck doing things in your business you don't love and spending hours each day working, but still not getting everything done, it's time for you to leverage other people's time and talents to help you grow.

Fortunately, my trusted mentor Cindy Bidar has you covered. Her course will help you hire, train, manage, and mentor a team that will help you grow your business.