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Just like the first line of a novel can hook the reader or send them running elsewhere, headlines are the most important element in your posts, emails, ads, sales pages, and everything else that you write. It’s so important because you have less than 8 seconds to get readers hooked. If your audience isn’t compelled to read more, your headline isn’t effective. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a headline swipe file to peruse as you're considering how to write that all-important line?

I included the headlines in my swipe file because I knew that they met the criteria to be effective: Each headline accomplishes two more more of these four objectives:

  • It should attract attention. 
  • It should pique interest or curiosity.
  • It should also refer to readers’ desires, which often include solutions to problems.
  • It should motivate your customers to take action.

When your headline covers several of these things well – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (A.I.D.A), you’ve got a click-worthy, effective headline!

As you craft headlines, keep in mind that you may want to customize them for each platform where you plan to use the content. This helps to optimize engagement and other actions. Some words and phrases work best on a specific platform. For example, on Facebook, headlines with “will make you” received more engagement, whereas on LinkedIn the top-engaging headline phrase included “the future of.”

Here are a few headlines you can use for your headlines and sales copy:

  1. _____ Things Only [target audience] Will Understand About  _____ Reasons 
  2. ___________Ways to _________ 
  3. _____ Ways to Avoid __________
  4. _____ Reasons Why __________
  5. _____ Steps to ___________
  6. _____ Types of ___________ – Which one are you?
  7. _____ Hidden Secrets about ___________ Revealed
  8. _____ Little Known Ways to _____________
  9. _____ Days To Better _______________
  10. _____ Mistakes ___________ Make
  11. _____ Programs To Make Life ________
  12. _____-Minute Solutions To __________
  13. ___________ for [target audience] Just Got Easier
  14. ___________ Will Make You __________
  15. Amazing _________ Breakthrough
  16. Announcing the First ___________
  17. Announcing, ___________
  18. Are You ________?
  19. Are You Embarrassed by ________?
  20. Are You Fed up with __________?
  21. Avoid These ___________ Mistakes
  22. Awe-Inspiring ____________ For _____________ [target market]
  23. Breakthrough Secrets of ______________
  24. Break Free with __________________
  25. Breaking Down The Barrier For ___________________

Need help connecting with your customers?

Connecting with your customers in an online environment may seem like a mystery right now. But that's where a well-crafted sales letter or opt-in page will bridge the gap. The headlines above are just a start. I also offer fill-in-the-blank templates and swipe files for more headlines, closings, calls to action, benefits, motivating phrases, and more. With all of these elements of great copywriting in place, you'll have the words you need to show your ideal customers that your service or product is what they need to solve their problem. Learn more about our Copywriter's Toolbox by clicking the button below.

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